Smart Working Pain and Osteopathy

Smart Working… a word we have come to know all too well in this last year.

Working from home, using different technologies, has allowed techqueer us to fight and control the pandemic, but has intensified a phenomenon that was already widely present in the world of work: sedentary lifestyle and "desk" pain, which in the last period have taken the name of "Smart Working Pain"

Smart Working and its problems

If before the health emergency the people who spent 8 hours in the  digitalknowledgetoday office in front of the computer led a sedentary life, now the situation has worsened further.

In fact, until a year ago people had to travel home-to-work and work-to-home and healthnutritionhints  could indulge in any walks during their lunch break or coffee break; now with smart working, even that little physical activity has been eliminated.

But the sedentary lifestyle is not the only problem that has increased smartdiethealth  in this period, all those pains related to sitting incorrectly, to the position held in front of the computer and the way to hold the mouse have also increased considerably.

These two incorrect habits lead to several problems:


             Cervical pains


             Pain in the shoulder and arm

             Pain in the hips

Now, if you have opened this article, you are probably dealing healthfitnesschampion with one of the issues I have just listed, and at this point, you are asking yourself the following questions:

How can I do to make these pains go away?

But most of all…

How can osteopathy help me?

Smart Working pains: help from osteopathy

These discomforts are mainly caused by muscle contractures, in fact, prolonged incorrect posture and continuous stress result in the appearance of tension in the muscles.

If not controlled and treated properly, tension quickly leads to the formation of muscle contractures.

The best way to avoid this situation is certainly prevention, using some precautions on posture and on your habits that we will see in the following paragraph.

But what if by now the tension is too much and the contractures have already formed?

In this case, for smart working pains, osteopathy can be of great help!

In fact, through some muscle stretching and contracture release techniques, the osteopath can help you release tension and significantly reduce pain.

But osteopathy is not just this!

The work of the osteopath is not limited to simply dissolving muscle tension, but will focus on eliminating all those dysfunctions and structural and postural problems, realigning the joints and restoring mobility to the blocked sections of the body.


Useful tips and exercises to combat the pains of Smart Working

 Now that we have a complete picture of how all the problems related to sitting for many hours in front of the PC are formed, and how to solve them with osteopathy, let's see some tricks to prevent them.

The first tips I will give you concern some postural habits and vices:

- always use ergonomic chairs

- check that the PC screen is at the right height

- use glasses that filter blue light from monitors

- take breaks every 30-45 minutes to get up and stretch a little

- use ergonomic mice so as not to tire the shoulder and arm

- maintain the correct posture for as long as possible


In addition to these practical tips, there are also some exercises that can be performed in a few minutes and that help maintain correct joint mobility and control muscle tension in the cervical and lumbar tracts.

You will find these exercises by clicking on these two links!



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